Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Which edition is the best for collectors? Limited Edition, Open Edition or Time Release Edition?

This question came to my mind when I saw a Facebook post on the limited edition Damien Hirst prints. It got me really excited and then I realised that it was a limited time release prints upon clicking the link. Why did my excitement subside? Shouldn't I be glad that I am able to buy the prints without constant F5ing and curse at those who used bot to buy? Ok, let me admit here, I am not really a fan of Damien Hirst and also not a fan of prints. But are these the reasons or is it because it is not a limited edition? 

As much as I want to say that limited edition does not play a part on my decision in buying art/toys, I must be lying straight in your face. Of course it does matter. However, it also depends on the artists. I would have no qualm about buying an open edition Kaws piece. That being said, it is not even easy to get a Kaws open edition toys these day, I wish he could actually release a limited time release toys to satisfy all his fans. Will it have no value? I doubt since we do see that the open edition releases are fetching higher than the retail price in StockX. Take the recent Law Holiday release as an example. It is an open edition and it is currently fetching 3 times the retail price in StockX

So it all depends how popular the artist is, whether the print/toy is appealing to the collectors and most importantly, whether the price is reasonable. At the end of the day, I can only give an advice to new collector : Buy toy/art that you like and not because you think it will worth more in the future. 

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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Is Javier Calleja "Missing the Blue Sky" worth more than $12,000?

I still cannot believe my eyes when I saw how much Javier Calleja "Missing the Blue Sky" sold for in the recent Phillips Auction. A whopping $12,000!!!

Can you guys recall what is the retail price for this? It was $460, released only 3 years ago, 2017. Lets do a simple math, you be making 25 times the return for holding the toy for 3 years. In investment term, this is definitely a multi bagger. LOL

So now the big question is : Is this toy really worth the price tag of $12,000? Personally I love this toy and we all know that Javier Calleja is pretty popular these day (though not as popular as our XX) but don't think I will ever pay such a price for this. I can spend the same amount on an original piece of art or even an edition bronze KAWS sculpt (I know it is 5 digit figure).

But that being said, I don't think it is crazy to pay for such price though if one is a millionaire. Whats $12,000 to a millionaire? Its basically just some loose change and provide something for the art sphere to talk about it. Why not?

Also, we can see that Javier Calleja prints is already going for an insane amount (3500 for edition of 75 and another 8500 of edition 25 with unique catch phrases) and they still sold out instantly. ( and So I guess, the price we are seeing now may not be its peak. It may be just the beginning. And I can't wait for Javier Calleja to reach new heights. Just hope that I be able to afford and have a chance to get his stuffs one day.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2020


Yes, I am back but it will be quite different from the previous focus on be@rbrick. Instead I will be posting opinions and my personal view on the toy art scene in particular. Look out for this space. 

No, there will not be any be@rbrick release news because I don think there is really a need to since we can basically get the latest news release through following Medicom on Instagram. So it is quite redundant for me to re-post them here.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Kaws BFF

If the hype is strong, anything can happen.  I never imagine a plush can go for $1000 in ebay after only a few days it is released. Kaws is indeed one of the most sought after artist currently.

Luke Cheuh Dissected Bear Head

After waiting more than a year since the kickstarter project, finally receive them. It would be better if these are made of resin but sill loving them.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

My Be@rbrick Blister Board

Caught anyone you fancy, i am selling them.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Selling Be@rbrick

Drop me an email if you are interested in getting them at  Preferably local buyer.

Red Daruma 400% Be@rbrick - $110 (SOLD)

White Daruma 400% Be@rbrick - $110 (SOLD)

Gold Daruma 400% Be@rbrick - $110 (SOLD)

Pink Lucky Cat 400% GID Be@rbrick - $150 (SOLD)

Xmas 400% Be@rbrick - $180

Red Daruma 100% Be@rbrick - $20 (SOLD)

White Daruma 100% Be@rbrick - $20

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Selling KAWS

Trimming down my collection. Selling these as a set for USD $1,000 or SGD $1,400 or give me an offer. Interested do DM. Price excludes shipping and paypal fee. Thanks #kaws #dissected #bape #babymilo #kawscompanion #restingplace

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