Friday, January 30, 2009

Which Be@rbrick should i get next??

As i only started collecting last November, there are so many be@rbricks that i wish to have. I would love to have Kaws Be@rbrick, baby colette and much more. Those are harder to get and more expensive. If i really have the money, i will buy all 7 wood be@rbricks. For now, i can only dream. But there are still some be@rbrick that i am aiming to get. These are the one.

X Girl Be@rbrick Out Tomorrow (31Jan09)

Hey there, if you happen to be in Japan, do get the X Girl Be@rbrick . They are out tomorrow with 2 colours in both 100% and 400%. Can anyone help me get them???

Tokidoki Be@rbrick 2008

I finally bought this be@rbrick by Simone Legno today. As mentioned in my previous post, this was out in 2008 and he is coming out with a new design this year. Most probably will get that if i have the chance.

Monday, January 26, 2009

7 Eleven Be@rbrick out today!!

As the title of this post, 7 Eleven Be@rbrick is out today in Japan at the convenience store. And today is Chinese Lunar New Year, wishing all of you a wonderful new year! May you buy lots of be@rbricks this year!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Release of Be@rbrick for 2009

These are the be@rbricks that are going to be released in 2009. Here are some of the pictures. You can see all of them at Nupchu blog.

7 Eleven Be@rbrick

Every brand wants a be@rbrick of themselves and now it is 7 Eleven. What next? This be@r is really going global. We will definitely see more of this collaboration. How about more local brand? We have seen SBTG (aka Mark Ong), Surrender. Maybe Ambush can have one of its own or Leftfoot. I heard that ActionCity is planning to have one too.

WONDERFULMAN Be@rbrick 400%??

WDW just came out with the 100% be@rbrick this early Jan09 and now they are trying to whet our curiosity once again by showing this picture.
It seems that there is going to be a 400% of the be@rbrick. I haven even got the chance to get the 100% and now 400% is out?? Oh is being released too fast and i cant catch out with it. Actually it is not that i can catch out, just that i dont have the money to do so. Sad..

Friday, January 23, 2009

Will I be able to get this Colette Baby Be@rbrick??

This was released last year by Colette. Colette is a lifestyle brand in France, will definitely visit the shop if i ever go to France.This be@rbrick is really a hot seller and ebay is selling almost twice the original price. In fact, i know that Earth X is selling it but they are selling for SGD290 for 400% and SGD 140 for 100%. That's totally crazy and i'm not that crazy for now to buy it. I cant afford it.

Photo taken from

X Girl Be@rbrick

In case you do not know. X Girl and be@rbrick are coming out with another be@rbrick and it is going to be released in Japan on 31 Jan09. It comes with 2 colour for both 100% and 400%. Check out their website

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Series 17 Be@rbrick

Series 17 is out last December and i got a box but too bad i only got 2 secrets , secret animal and kubrick be@rbrick. They are both 1/96, not that lucky to get the 1/192. Haiz and i couldn't afford to buy the whole set worth $550.

Here are what i have for Series 17.

Tokidoki LA Robber Be@rbrick

This is going to be released in April 2009. I got the news from
This blogger is a hardcore be@rbrick fanatic who collects 100%.

In case you guys not know, Tokidoki is actually an Italian, Simone Legno who set up a shop in Japan. check out the website

Tokidoki has previously released a be@rbrick last year. I have neither of it and planning to get both.

There is a pre-order for the LA robber, going for almost 4000Yen.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Speed Racer Be@rbrick Set colleagues knew that i started collecting be@rbrick and bought me this for my christmas. I didnt even bought them anything, feel quite bad. I guess from now on, i will be getting tons of be@rbrick as present since all my friends know that i'm totally in love with this bear.

Libertine 100% Be@rbrick

This is my most expensive 100% be@rbrick for now. It is released by Isetan Japan during Dec08. Of course I didnt go all the way to Japan to get this. This was bought at one of the shop at Far East Plaza.

Wood Wood Be@rbrick

I was quite surprise to find this selling in Singapore. In fact, I actually planned to buy in online via wood wood website. Lucky i didnt, or else i will be spending close to 100 bucks for it all because of the shipping cost. This is one of my favourite be@rbrick. I like the design and the collaboration between different designers.

My second 400% Be@rbrick (Kim Songhe)

Once again this was bought by my wife but i paid for it this time round. She went to quite a few shops and bought for me one which has the apple in it. Yeah..more 400% on the way.

Series 16 Cute Be@rbrick

This was bought together with the christmas pack. My wife found out that Action City still has some leftover of Series 16. She was not so lucky to get a secret but i still love it. It seems that she has been buying bulk of my be@rbrick. In fact it is true. She is totally support me in my hobby and can get even more crazy than me. Haha..

Christmas Be@rbrick 2008

This is another backdate entry. This was bought my wife as a christmas cum birthday gift. This is my first GID be@rbrick. Is there ever going to come out a 400% one? It will be really awesome and definitely i'm going to get that.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

3 more from Series 16 (Horror, Jellybean & Cute)

These 3 were bought through ebay. It was abit outdated as series 16 was out in Jun 2008 and i only got it now mainly because i just started collecting it.

Number 2, 3, 4 and 5

I got all these in Franc Franc, Hong Kong, all thanks to my wife who actually spotted them in the shop. This was back in Nov 2008. Till now, i've a total of thirty 100% be@rbrick and two 400% be@rbrick. Definitely there will be more to come.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

When my love begins

It all started with this bearbrick. This is designed by SBTG (aka Mark Ong). He is a famous sneaker customizer. Since i cant afford to buy his customized sneaker, i really want to get this be@rbrick designed by him. I really love the face of the be@rbrick, some may feel that it looks devilish but to me, it is gorgeous. My first be@rbrick.

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