Sunday, May 30, 2010

まる子 / 友蔵 100% Be@rbrick (Update)

You seen it here before now take another look at the better photo. This will be out 23 July for 1500 yen (Source : J.ME)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Medicom Toy Exhibition 2010

How i wish i can attend this?? This exhibit will be on going on 19 - 28 Jun10. As expected, you can see tons of soon to be released be@rbrick. (Source : bearbrickmania)

Purchase Colette First Baby Be@rbrick at Japan Yahoo Auction

I was browsing at the yahoo auction and found this really good deal. Colette be@rbrick for starting bid at 100yen only. If you are really interested, you can click on the image on the left "Get be@rbrick from Japan" and ask Takashi to bid for you. Also, i have put out the link at the left sidebar "Japan Yahoo Auction". I am thinking of constantly putting out any good deal i can find at Japan yahoo auction. Do check them out.

Toy + Life Banner

If you guys have notice, there is a new banner of the left side "Toy + Life ". The shop is fairly new and stock lots of old and hard to find be@rbricks and of course, new releases too!!

However, they do stock lots of kubricks. They are situated in North America so pop by their brick and motar store and tell them it is LULU who recommends. Looks like be@rbrick is more accessible around the world now!! Do click the link and see the toys they are selling.

Btw, they still have the Kaws Grey Dissected be@rbrick

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Colette First Baby Be@rbrick & Kaws Black Dissected Be@rbrick

I was really happy today. Finally completed the set of first baby be@rbrick and also got the Kaws Black Dissected be@rbrick today. All thanks to Takashi-san (he can write pretty good English, so there is no communication problem) for his great service. If you guys had read earlier, i said that i am trying out this service, i.e buying be@rbrick from Japan. It turns out really well. Now you can get all your favourite be@rbricks from Japan at a much reasonable price. Basically, he will helps you to bid for the be@rbrick you want and all you have to do is paid a commision for his service. I got these 2 from him.

Click on the image on the left "Get be@rbrick from Japan" to go to his web and tell him that it's LULU who recommends, you may even get some discount.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Complete Collection of KAWS

Please do not stroll down. You will feel full of envy or jealousy with this guys KAWS collection. Too bad i cant attend Sneaker Con, it is at the other side of the world (Source : Vinyl Pulse)


Be@rbrick Series 20

Here a better look at what's coming out in Series 20. Thanks Captain Action for the image.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kubrick x Be@rbrick War Machine Mash-Up (by TOYSREVIL)

If only be@rbrick has accessories like kubrick, it may look like one of this. (Source : Toysrevil)

Monday, May 24, 2010

REVOLVER x SO-ME 100% Be@rbrick Ver2

You seen the original version last week, now there is another one in yellow. Out in June for 1575 yen. (Source : bearbrickmania)

まる子 / 友蔵 100% Be@rbrick

To celebrate 20 anniversary of the character, this will be released at 7/11 in July for 1,500yen (Source : J.ME)

Casette Playa 100% Be@rbrick

From Hypebeast

"Shown is one of Medicom Toy’s latest creations, a 100% Bearbrick silhouette designed by Cassette Playa. The toy takes on a translucent purple platform with an orange cross on the front and brand stamp on the backside. Retailing for ¥ 1,575 (Approx. $17 USD), this new Bearbrick will see a release on June 5th, 2010 with limited quantities being produced."

Mono Mickey Mouse 400% Be@rbrick

If you got the original mickey mouse 400% be@rbrick, this is a must get to pair them up together. Once again, this will also be release at the Medicom Exhibition in July for 6090 yen. (Source : Project 1/6)

Fragment Design 1000% Be@rbrick

Fans of Fragment Design and Hiroshi Fujiwara will have their wallet burnt in the coming months. We know that there are 2 be@rbricks that are going to be in Series 20 and now there is this 1000% be@rbrick. Ok, if you are not a fan, i dont think you will like this as this is just a simple fragment design logo but sometimes simplicity do works on me. I do like it but cant afford it. This will be out in July too for 29, 400 yen (Source : Project 1/6)

"Like A Chess" 400% Wood Be@rbrick

I have loss count of the number of wood be@rbricks that were released but i must say this is one of the unique one. This looks really tempting for me to be my first wood be@rbrick. At a price of 73,500 yen (approximately SGD 1,200), this doesnt come cheap. Will be out July too!! (Source : Project 1/6)

Eames 200% Be@rbrick

Finally, the wait is over. Here comes the 6th 200% be@rbrick. This will be out in July for 8190 yen. Btw, this is limited to 700 pieces only (Source : Project 1/6)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Jwyed Be@rbrick Set

This was actually out in AC weeks ago for SGD 110 and i think i didnt report this as i didnt get it. This set comes with a phone strap if i am not wrong. If you like black and tattoo, you just have to get this!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

HF 1000% Be@rbrick & Kaws Companion

I really envy people who live in Japan. They get all the wonderful stuffs. Will i ever get any of these??? (Photos : Instinctoy)

Kaws 1000% Dissected Be@rbrick

You seen the complete set of Kaws 100% be@rbrick in the previous post, now have another look at the 1000% Kaws Dissected be@rbrick. Once again, it is not mine. hahah. I havent even gotten the black kaws be@rbrick yet. (Source : Instinctoy)

Sneak Peek of Series 20 Be@rbrick

Here's a look at what's going to come out in a few week time. I really like the jelly bean very much, iron man is dope too.. (Source: J.ME via Toybeast)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Complete Kaws 100% Be@rbrick

Obviously this is not mine. This taken from a Japanese blogger. See more here.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fatlace 100% Be@rbrick

This is available now for USD 15 at fatlace webby.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Futura 4000% be@rbrick??

Ok, this may seem totally unrelated to be@rbrick but check out the video at 1.00, it shows a 4000% future be@rbrick if i am not wrong. I think that is most probably in UNKLE studio.

Update: Thanks to a reader. Here is a better photo of the be@rbrick. Impressively huge!!

Fatlace 100% Be@rbrick

Not sure i posted this months ago when there was a sneak peak of how it might look. How i wish this come out as a 400% too. Btw, love the watch too!! (Source : Fatlace via Toybeast)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

REVOLVER x SO-ME 100% Be@rbrick

I am being lazy here. Here's the news from Hypebeast

"Japanese brand REVOLVER team-up with Ed Banger Records’ art director SO-ME to create the following MEDICOM TOY BEARBRICK. The 100% figure features artwork courtesy of SO-ME as it includes human-like characteristics in the design unlike the usual faceless designs associated with the popular collectible. The REVOLVER x SO-ME x MEDICOM TOY BEARBRICK 100% will release exclusively through EPROZE in mid-June."

Friday, May 14, 2010

Another Reader's Be@rbrick Collection

His collection is awesome! Cant really see what the be@rbricks are at the back but just looking those at the front, he sure has lots of great be@rbrick.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

KAWS x Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum Preview

From Hypebeast

"Acclaimed New Jersey artist and designer KAWS’ first solo museum exhibition is set to open at equally regarded Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum (Ridgefield, Connecticut, USA) sometime in June. The show will showcase his renowned work from merchandise to his most recent works of art, including sculptures, sketches and paintings. The image taken at Pirovino is said to be a good indication of the direction the exhibition will take."

Double Kaws Grey Dissected Be@rbrick

Hahahah..your eyes are not playing trick on you. Indeed they are 2 Kaws grey be@rbrick. This other set just arrived after a big mixed up with the order. Anyway, if anyone is interested in getting the 100%, do email me at For the reader, you can get this for SGD 50. It is time to get the Kaws Black Dissected Be@rbrick.

Get be@rbrick from Japan

Soon, you will have no more worries whether you can get the be@rbrick you want. I have linked up a guy in Japan who is kind enough to provide his service in helping us, foreigner in getting the be@rbrick in Japan, i.e yahoo auction or any online shop in Japan. Of course, there is the service fee that you have to pay but trust me, even with the fee, it is still cheaper than getting them in Ebay. And Japan Yahoo Auction definitely have more be@rbrick available at quite reasonable price too. if you have notice, i have a new image on the right, soon you will be able to click on it and engage his service. I will post the link on the image once i tried his service and give you guys my feedback.

Nexus VII Be@rbrick Set

Thanks Adrian from Toybeast for the shout out. This is just a preview but expect the whole be@rbrick to look really great!! Will be out this year, Nexus 7 be@rbrick. (Source: Nexus 7 via bearbrickmania)

Thomas's Be@rbrick Collection

This boy may be just 15 but he sure has taste..Anyone who collects be@rbrick have good taste, that includes me too. hahah. I can see him filling up his room with be@rbrick pretty soon. Btw, my first 400% be@rbrick is the centre one, i.e SBTG be@rbrick.

Monday, May 10, 2010

1000% Black/Silver First Baby Be@rbrick

With the colette coming out few weeks ago, now we have news that the black/silver is coming out too!! You can bet that the first version is going to have its 1000% soon. (Source : J.ME)

Fragment Series 20 Be@rbrick??

Is this the be@rbrick that is going to be included in Series 20? We will be able to find out in a month time. If you have not heard of Fragment Design, click here. (Source : bearbrickmania)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Coarsetoys False Friends Blackout

Ok, obviously i cant write such a good story about them than Coarsetoys themselves. Read them here. It will be released on 12 May for HKD 3388 inclusive shipping.

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