Sunday, October 30, 2011

Rilakkuma 400% Be@rbrick

Since we are at this. Rilakkuma will be out at Project 1/6 tomorrow for 5800 yen which cheaper than the usual 400%.  Check your local store too. If i remember correctly. AC is bringing this in and have them for preorder some time back.

SASQUATCHfabrix 200% 超合金 Be@rbrick

I am a bit late on this news but this has not been released yet so you are not missing anything. Will be out on the 12 Nov for 9,240 yen. This will be the 12th 200% be@rbrick released. And I will be getting this being still a completist for 200%. Hopefully this is the last for the year. Personally, i think this looks better that the secret in the Series 22. Looks more metal to me. And come to think of it, the Medicom 15th Anniversary be@rbrick in Series 22  will look even better in 200% with the silvery look.

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Hoping to see some great design at the show. Over 70 designs will be showcase at the show at PARCO on the 3 to 12 Dec. This is making very tempted to go Tokyo in December. (Source : J.ME)

ICON Be@rbrick Custom Show

We mentioned this show few weeks ago and show you some of the amazing customs that was on the show. Now you get to see more of them. Everyone looks amazing!!! This is what i called real design on be@rbricks instead of the usual brand logo on be@rbricks. Awesome stuffs!!! Wish i can have all of them. Lets hope we can see more good design at the BWWT2. (Pic: The HANG GANG)

KAWS Snoopy

KAWS Snoopy was released at Kawsone yesterday. In case you want to get it, they are all SOLD OUT at Kawsone but fear not, i bet they will appear in Ebay and if you are patience enough, you may even get it at below retail price of USD 180. As expected, long queues were formed outside OF store in Tokyo. Now you know KAWS is that HYPE and FAMOUS!! (Pic: Saza)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

DISNEY 100% Be@rbricks

You would need a brand new blister board just for these disney character be@rbricks.They really look nice on the christmas tree. There is a special 400% and a Lost edition. (Source : Kuji)

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