Friday, June 26, 2009

Complete Chase for Be@rbrick Series 18

Finally all the chases are out. There are a total of 8 chases, the last one being FL. Check out the photo from Instinctoy

Exclusive Medicom Exhibition 400% Be@rbrick

A closer look at the exclusive Medicom Exhibition Be@rbrick. This is nice and it's 400%. I really like the mono look. Would i be able to score one?? (Source : Ant)

Undefeated "Full Metal Jacket" Be@rbrick

Bet you have read about this many times. Check out the packaging for this. It will be out in a few days time (4 July09). (Source : Jevi)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Paw! Milky Bliss

Received this email on this new colourway of Paw!. This time it comes in milky and a new packaging No more letter foam but this new look is even better. Coarsetoys has indeed made an effort to come out with the best, not the slightest is ignored. This is going to be released on their website on the 29Jun, 10am, Hong Kong time. I shouldnt be telling you guys all these, now i have more peeps to fight to get this. It's alright as long they are not flippers. Haha.. (Source : Coarsetoys)

1 more chase for Series 18

This is a bit unexpected. Gallery 1950 14th Anniversary is one of the chase for Series 18! What is unexpected is that this be@rbrick just came out together with the 400% few weeks ago for Gallery 1950 14th Anniversary, didnt expect it to be included in the Series 18. Maybe there are some slight variations. I'm not too sure as i have neither both. (Source : kumataronosuke)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Atmos Be@rbrick Set

I'm loving this.This may well be my first 400% GID be@rbrick. Not much news of the release date yet. So many nice be@rbrick coming out in the 2nd half of the year. Woah (Source : Hypebeast)

Stussy x REAS Be@rbrick

I like this but too bad they are 100% . I am cutting down on collecting 100% and more on 400%. These come in 3 colourways, maroon, blue and red and will be 18July. (Sourec : Hypebeast)

Stussy x Undefeated x Realmad Hectic Be@rbrick

3 big street brands collaborate and what do we get? We get this wonderful Full Metal Jacket Be@rbrick but it seems that i can only see the Undefeated logo at the front eventhough it has all the brands name at the back. Still is dope to me and it will be a must if this comes in real metal just like the 200%. I just like to feel the weight of solid instead of plastic. (Source : Hypebeast)

Leilow Hawaii Be@rbrick

Leilow Hawaii, a store in Hawaii. A store just like Surrender in Singapore carrying the latest brand from Neighborhood, OF, Supreme and lots more. This be@rbrick is designed by Leilow's owner Jules Gayton and will be out 18July at 1575yen (Source :Hypebeast)

A Companion for Kaws No Future Companion

Saw this pic over at Toysrevil, showing No Future Companion with a Future Dog. Hmmm, make me wonder whether Kaws will come out with a companion dog in the near future? They do look good together though.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Surrender Be@rbrick

Yesterday got my 200% and today i have this Surrender be@rbrick. Really fun to play with when you see it strip to its bikini and back in black. You can get this at Surrender at Devonshire Road, get them before they are all gone. Heard that they are many peeps buying tons of them.

Photos from Medicom Toy Exhibition 09

Here are some photos taken at the Medicom Toy Exhibit. Check out those 400%. Did you spot the 3rd version of the My First Baby? Hope i can get that when it releases. (Source : Nupchu)

Custom Paws

Hahah.. I'm not going to make this a Coarsetoys blog. I am still very in love to my be@rbrick , it is just that there are too many good stuffs coming out from Coarsetoys and i just have to write them down and post them up. Check out this customs, look like you can see them at the TTF

Coarse X Pixie Pain for TTF?

This is crazy, another one from Coarse X Pixie. Now it is the Pain. One more item to add to your buy list for TTF

Kaws No Future Companion

This comes at the wrong time =( For those who still have spare cash after so many be@rbrick bought, get this. This No Future Companion is Kaws collaborating with Hajime Sorayama, 13" and going to be released on the 27Jun at kawsone for a retail price of USD980. Get your fingers exercise now. (Source : hypebeast)

Guitarhythm 100% Be@rbrick

Finally we get to see this be@rbrick . Actually i seem to like the pick much more than the be@rbrick , but it doesnt really matter as i dont play the guitar. (Source : bearbrickmania)

All Chase from Series 18

Take a look at all the chases of Series 18. Personally, i feel that they are some which looks quite ordinary. I especially like the Hello Kitty and the SpongeBob. Not sure about their ratio yet. (Source : nupchu)

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