Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hi Life x Jimmy 100% Be@rbrick

A total of 6 different 100% be@rbricks are released in conjunction of the Hi Life event in Taiwan. (Lucky guys in Taiwan).With every spending of NTD 40 (around SGD 2), you will get a point. Collect 40 points and you can redeem a be@rbrick. It is that easy. Or you can use 15 point together with NTD 49 and get a 100% be@rbrick. I still remember buying Jimmy picture book when i was a teenager. I actually have 2 of them on my table right now. oh, actually 3 on the table. (Source : ToyBeast)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

KAWS @ The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum Video

After watching the video, i wonder will a 4 feet KAWS Accomplice be released??

Luke Chueh Black In White

For new readers who follow this blog, you may not know that i am a fan of Luke Chueh even though i have not yet own anything of Luke Chueh (hope i can get one of his painting some day). I really like his dark sense of humour. This may be my first Luke Chueh's toy if i am able to score one (Source : Vinyl Pulse)

CLOT Summer Fruit Be@rbrick Collection

Finally a clear photo of what CLOT is coming out, the Summer Fruit Be@rbrick in both 100% and 400%. This was reported few weeks ago. To be honest, this is not really to my liking. Personally, i feel it is overdone after the Watermelon and Strawberry Be@rbrick , Still think the original is still the best. Anyway, it will defintely sell out as always as CLOT is quite a big brand in Asia. (Source : ToyBeast)

Monday, June 28, 2010

KAWS @ Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum

Source :Arrested Motion

KAWS Pinocchio and Jimmy Cricket

Finally something new from KAWS. Not really new though as the figures are taken from the Disney character " Pinocchio and Jimmy Cricket". Not sure how much this will be cost but wil get it if i can afford it. I just like the 8(x x)8 on all these characters. Such simple design on hindsight but i bet there is definitely lots of conceptualizing.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

CLOT x DISNEY 1000% Micley Be@rbrick

From HighSnobiety

"Ketchup Magazine offers an early look at another forthcoming CLOT x Disney product. The Mickey Mouse Be@rbrick from Medicom Toy is inflated to 1000% and hit with the gloved “shaka” as seen on the CLOT x Disney tee. Look for this on Saturday at the new “Man is in the Forest” Disney x CLOT store in Shanghai."

Kubrick Mad Hatter (Blue Jacket ver.) and Be@rbrick White Rabbit Set

Another movie character in the form of kubrick and be@rbrick that are to be released soon.

Kubrick Harry Potter (Quidditch ver.) and Griffindor Be@rbrick Set[

Here is a set of Harry Potter Kubrick and Be@rbrick set to be released very soon. Not sure why Medicom only release this when the movie had been shown quite some time ago.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

TRON 100% Be@rbrick

Told you last time that you dont have to head down to SDCC 10 to get this. This is also available at the Project 1/6 on 25 Jul for 1575 yen.

Kamen Rider 100% Be@rbrick

This was previous mentioned back in April 10. Now it has been comfirmed. This Kamen Rider 100% Be@rbrick will be out on the same day as the Love Candy 100% Be@rbrick. Get it here too.

Ice Candy 100% Be@rbrick

This looks so funny. Will be out 25 July for 1575 yen. You can get it here.

Tokyo Tower 100% Be@rbrick Ver2

Personally, this looks so much nicer than the 1st version. Maybe Medicom should come out with a 400% or even 1000% for this Tokyo Tower Be@rbrick!! It will definitely looks stunning. (Source : bearbrickmania)

赤塚不二夫第二彈 400% Be@rbrick

Did Beams read my blog?? Hahah..Finally they are going to release a 400% be@rbrick after so many previous 100% releases. The 100% has been release before. This will be available 24 Jul for 8400 yen. (Source : J.ME)

48 Different Be@rbrick Available at Japan 7-Eleven

The more i look at the photos, the more pissed off i get. Why can our 7-Eleven have this kind of promotion??? All they have are those refrigerator magnet!!. They should do some marketing research and find out that there are enough be@rbrick fans in Singapore for this kind of promotion. And maybe through this, have some new be@rbrick convert.

Anyway, enough of whining. This will be out at 7-Eleven stores in Japan with every spending of 700 yen. Lucky Japanese!! (Source : J.ME)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

CLOT 'Fruit' 100% Be@rbrick

From Hypebeast

"Seen within the confines of the recently celebrated Clot & Juice 6th anniversary, the Hong Kong-based entity looks to have an upcoming Medicom Toy Bearbrick on the horizon. Four different designs in 100% format are in the mix including some fruit-themed offerings. Stay tuned for more details."

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