Monday, November 30, 2009

Exile ID 400% Be@rbrick

These come in black and white flocked. I always like flocked be@rbrick because if the texture even though i didnt have much. I have yet to own a totally flocked 400% be@rbrick yet. These will be out next month at 6300yen. I notice one thing regarding the price of the 400%. There is no fixed price for them, sometimes they are selling for 6090 yen, some at 6300 yen, some at 7140yen and the matt black at 9240yen. Has this got to do with the number of pieces?? (Source : bearbrickmania)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Care Bear Cheers 400% Be@rbrick

This will be out pretty soon for 7140yen but if you really cant wait, you can get the 100% keychain first over here. Medicom should actually pair this will other Care Bear. A boxset of them will be nice. Which is your favourite Care Bear? (Source : bearbrickmania)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Luke Chueh for The Death of Vivisect

Luke Chueh did some paintings for The Death of Vivisect. As usual his paintings has his dark sense of humour. And lots of blood.

Matt Black and T19 400% Be@rbrick

You can get both Matt Black and T19 400% be@rbrick now over at the Project 1/6 online store now. I particularly like the Matt Black one. As for the T19, get it if you have the 100% one.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Astroboy Kubrick HMV Ver. & 80th Be@rbrick

This is out now for 2,940yen. Personally think it would be nicer if the be@rbrick has the Astroboy look instead of the pink 80th number on it. Not my type =( (Source: bearbrickmania)

Black Comme des Garcons 3000% Be@rbrick

Ok, wrong time to go to Tokyo. Black Cdg just open this shop "Comme des Garcons Trading Museum" and have a massive 3000% be@rbrick on display. I have never seen a 3000% before.. Hmmm, come to think of it, I did see one at the Project 1/6 shop at Shibuya. Enjoy the pics, something we can never afford. This seems to be the same that was on display previously at Dover Street Market. (Source : J.ME)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

GETTRY 400% and 100% Be@rbrick

This be@rbrick is released in conjunction with GETTRY 5th anniversary. GETTRY is a shop in Japan specialising in selling sneaker. In fact, i really like the look, nice, sweet, and vibrant colours something different from the normal dull colour. (Source : Medicomtoy)

Matt Black 400% Be@rbrick

Should i get this or stop for the year?? The colour looks quite the same as the Undefeated 400% be@rbrick which i missed getting it. Still have a few more days to decide before ActionCity taking order for this. This is limited to 500 pieces at 9240yen and out 28 Nov.

My 3rd 200% Chogokin Be@rbrick

Got my 3rd 200% be@rbrick today. It looks really stunning standing side by side with the first white and black chogokin be@rbrick. Hopefully i can keep up with the 200% release. Next to get will be the international love heart 200% be@rbrick. And Medicom should stop releasing anymore this year.

Monday, November 23, 2009

New Be@rbrick Arrangement

I manage to tidy up my detolf and arrange my be@rbricks today. Realise that it is time for me to get a new detolf or maybe a new shelf to display my be@rbrick. It has been one year since i started collecting be@rbrick last November. And my interests in them have not faded a single bit, still loving them.

Be@rbrick Saloon

I always like the idea of having some be@rbricks displayed in store for the special look. But this store goes beyond it. This is actually a hair saloon called Be@utyBrick in Philipines. Hope Singapore can have one of this some days which merged be@rbrick into their business. Maybe a be@rbrick cafe... (ps: Jevi, are you listening?, heehhe) (Source : bearbrick love)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Upcoming Be@rbrick

Quite a few be@rbricks that are going to be released. The one that i really want is the International Love Heart 200% Chogokin Be@rbrick. Hope i can get it. (Source : J.ME)

Jingle Flower Comme des Garcons Be@rbrick

That is what i got when not checking the net for any be@rbrick release. I actually miss buying the Jingle Flower Cdg Be@rbrick while i am in Tokyo. Arghhh... How could this happen??? Now i could only console myself that the design isnt that nice and not worth collecting... (Source : J.ME)

Sneak Peek of Series 19 Be@rbrick

Take a look at the Series 19 Be@rbrick which will be out next month. I think this series is better than Series 18. Cant wait to see the chase. What do you think?? (Source : bearbrickmania)

Back In Singapore

Heyhey, i'm back in Singapore, will post photos of my trip to Tokyo and some of the be@rbricks that i bought.. Not that much though. Now it is time for some sleep. Yawn...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Off to Tokyo (12 Nov - 22 Nov)

Hey readers, I will be away to Tokyo for 10 days starting from tomorrow. There will be less blogging unless I can find internet access over there. Hope I can buy some cheap be@rbrick in Tokyo.

Matt Black 400% Be@rbrick

This Matt Black 400% Be@rbrick is limited to 500 pieces hence the slightly more expensive price of 9240 yen. Not sure whether there is any texture different but looks kinda nice. Will get it if i have the chance. Out 28 Nov09. (Source : bearbrickmania)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

International Love Heart 200% Be@rbrick

What!!! Didnt expect this to come out as 200% chogokin be@rbrick. I didnt even get any of the size when it came out. But at least this is different from the other rest of the 200% be@rbrick with some design on the body rather that just the be@rbrick logo and colourway. Looking forward to this. This will be out 5 Dec at 8190 yen.(Source: bearbrickmania)

My Hkg Edition Jaws Pain

Finally arrived after such a long wait but it is worth it. I will let the photos do the talking. More photos here .

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