Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Era 100% Be@rbrick

Let me show some love on be@rbrick. Or some may think this is a Skelve lover blog. Anyway, this New Era 100% be@rbrick will be released soon for 7140 yen. Quite a basic be@rbrick with New Era logo on the tummy. (Source : bearbrickmania)

Kathie Olivas: SWEET & SORROW (Solo Show)

These are only some of the art peices presenting at the Kathie Olivas "Sweet" & "Sorrow" Show tomorrow. More preview here. There are a few pieces which i really want to get. Will definitely post them here if i get them. Wish me luck! Btw, just by looking at the pics below, can you guess which is the most expensive? How about the 3 pieces that i am interested to get?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Be@rbricks FOR SALE!!

Btw, I will be posting all of my be@rbricks for sales here. Watch out for this space.

Kathie Olivas ’4-Legged Purple Masao'

Do you call this cat with mask or Skelve with 4 legs? I dont really care what it is called. I just want this. This maybe my first piece of art if the price is affordable. Nowadays, i kinda like everything with podka dots. This will be one of the many customs appearing at the "Sweet" & "Sorrow" on 1 July. (Source : Vinylgoddess)

Circus Posterus @ SDCC

If you think this is what CP can only come out with, you are totally wrong, wait till you see what are available @ the SDCC. Circus Posterus is throwing out more goodness for the SDCC. Seeing these pics are already enough to make me drool. Lucky guys who are going to SDCC. Each of them are limited to 66. I love the "Red Death" Masao mini skelve. Hope i can get one. Which is your favourite? Or you are like me, love all 3 of them. (Source : VinylGoddess)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Starry Violet Mini Skelve for SDCC

Lucky guys for those who are attending the SDCC. As for me, i will just wait for this to be sold at the board soon after. Edition of 100, I will have my fifth if i can get this. Awesome!! And on a sidenote, i am still thinking whether i should buy the pink crumbeater. They definitely grows on me after some time and Charlotte loves it too!!

GID Green BOO Skelve

I want my hands on this. Yes, I want this!! When i first saw the original Boo Skelve, i was not that interested. But seeing this, it's a different story. I like the colour of the eye and the green and best of all, it is GID. And if you notice on the background, there is this mega Greeter Skelve which i can only dream of getting. It should be around thousands bucks. You can find all these on Kathie Olivas "Sweet" & "Sorrow" Solo Show on the 1 July.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

ゆるめいつ 松吉 ベアブリック100% Be@rbrick

Another one of those for the Japanese or for those who follow their scene. This comes with a DVD. (Pic : bearbrickmania)

ゆるめいつ 相田ゆるめ ベアブリック100% Be@rbrick

If you guys like me who doesn't follow the Japanese Anime much or the scene there, you will have no idea who this character is. I have no idea. Often, Medicom do produce be@rbrick which are more relevant to the Japanese. This is one of them. You can get one here if you think she is kawaii. (Pic : bearbrickmania)

Series 22 Secret

First of all , apologize for the lack of updates. I know Series 22 started selling 2 days ago, on Friday. And you guys must have been as curious as me wanting to find out what are the secrets in Series 22. And i think most of you guys have already seen them in our site. Anyway, i will still update them here. A total of 6 of them. Pretty small number as compared to some other series. Remember there was a Series with 10 secrets. Losing out on quantity of secrets, this Series win by the quality of the secret. Do i really mean it? Let's see.

As i have mentioned, there are 6 of them. And i must admit that i am surprised to see BAPE and Boy London in it. Boy London is a total surprise. Am wondering, do people still buy Boy London? This brand was quite hype during my tennage years. I still remember owning one of their watches. As for BAPE, with the bought over by HK fashion consortium, i think they need to aggressively market their brand hence this may be one of the reason they are appearing in almost anywhere you can find and any collaborations.

As for the other 4 designs, the 15th anniversary Medicom design is quite expected. But UNO as a secret?? This is kinda LAME to me. And you know what, this is also the easiest secret to get. It appears in almost every box of 24. The other 2, Happy Socks and the Hanakuma was kinda cool. So there you have it, all 6 of them. Are they worth chasing? Hmm...maybe some to me but definitely not all. Medicom, you need to up your bar!! (Pic : Toybeast, INSTINCTOY)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pepsi Twist 100% Be@rbrick Set

I am in luck, friend in HK got me these. Getting this in August when he is back in Singapore. Btw, have i told you guys i have 2 more skelves coming my way too =) . Now what i need to do is to think of a way to pay my credit card bill.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tokyo DisneySea 10th Anniversary BE MAGICAL! Magician Mickey 100% Be@rbrick

What a long title. Well, the title says it all. Tokyo Disney Sea is in its 10th year. And what special way to celebrate this occassion with a Mickey be@rbrick. Have you there before? Personally, i prefer this to Disney Land. Cant wait for my daughter to grow up so i can bring her there to enjoy the rides. (Source : J.ME)

Monday, June 20, 2011

SUPERMAN and BATMAN 100% Be@rbrick

This looks more cute than macho. Will be out in November. Btw, i always get myself confuse between DC comic and Marvel. Superman and Batman are from DC. Who are the superheroes in Marvel? X-Men? Can someone enlighten me, a noob? (Source : bearbrickmania)

House of Pain 400% Be@rbrick

Fans of House of Pain, now you have one more to collect beside the 100% be@rbrick which is releasing in Series 22. (Source : bearbrickmania)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

"Ghostly Stan" Skelve

I must say this is crazy. I never imagine a Skelve can look like this. 9" with a custom "glass" eye. Will this be my first 9" skelve?? I want it!! I NEED IT!! Awesome collaboration between Kathie Olivas and Travis Louie (Source : Circus Posterus, Vinylgoddess)

Purple Mini Skelve

Which one do you prefer? The white mask or the lavender purple mini skelve. Personally, i prefer the white mask cause it is this original mask that makes me started collecting skelve in the first place. This will be released at the SDCC. I say go grab it if you are going there be it the white or the lavender mask. (Source : Circus Posterus)

Fullmetal Alchemist Alphonse Elric100% Be@rbrick

I remember watching this anime when i was a teenager. Pretty good and has a moral behind it. However that doesnt mean i like this be@rbrick. Looks like an Ironman be@rbrick to me except for the different in colour. Anyway, it will be out July limited to 800 pieces only. (Source : Toybeast)

Pepsi Twist 100% Be@rbrick Set

I don't really collect 100% be@rbrick nowadays but i may ask my friend in Hong Kong to see whether he is able to get a set for me. Just have to get 4 bottles including Pepsi Twist and pay another HK $39.90. However, I forsee the 400% will be selling at a pretty high price at Ebay in the near future since you can only get it by taking part in the contest (Source : bearbrickmania)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Share the latest trends and get rewarded!

This is really good easy money. Just click on the pic or the link below and refered as many friends as you can and earn $1 for every referral. Do it now!! Btw this for peeps in Singapore only.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Be@rbrick Poker Card

This is super cool. Be@rbrick poker card. Releasing lat June. Very tempting to get one of this. (Source : Toybeast)

Green Lantern 100% Be@rbrick (SDCC Exclusive)

Eventhough this is a SDCC exclusive, you can still get your hands on them at our part of the world. You just need to be patience and wait for it to be released after SDCC. Limited to 1500 pieces, I dont think it will be sold out that fast. Or maybe i am forgetting those DC comic fans who want to have this too. (Source : bearbrickmania)

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