Wednesday, November 30, 2011

CLOT Pineapple and Melon 1000% Be@rbrick

Love tropical fruits?? Love be@rbricks? Why not get these then? In fact the 400% are still available at CLOT. (Source : J.ME)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Angry Woebots - Custom Possessed

Cant say much about jaw just drops...Awesomeness!! And to think of it, i have yet own a Luke Chueh piece. I want a print/painting from him. (Pic: J.ME)


STUSSY, the brand that i respect and love even though they have closed their one and only outlet in Singapore. Maybe nodody wears them anymore but i think otherwise. This will be out as both 100% and 400%. I am thinking of getting them together with the fragmentdesign be@rbrick. (Pic : Project 1/6)


I always have a love hate relationship with Tokidoki designs and this is the same too. I like it as a design on its own but the thing is, it just doesnt fit with the other toys that i collect. Tokidoki stuffs are too kawaii. Anyway, this is part of the World Wide Tour release. (Pic : Project 1/6)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

2011 Xmas 100% Be@rbrick

I realise these days the way i blog about the be@rbrick news are so random, mixing the latest and the old all together. My apologise if i confuse you when reading them. At least these news are not a month old. Anyway, you can get this be@rbrick now for 1575yen or at your nearest toyshop ( assuming they sell be@rbricks in the first place)?

SERIES 23 Be@rbrick

I am a bit late of the Series 23 news. Anyway, these are the complete of the normal set for the series. As for the secret, this will be revealed in due time. Actually, if you follow the news of the Series 23, i bet that you have seen some of the secret of Series 23. I will post them once all of them are revealed. Personally, i like how the Sonic looks on the be@r. I will most probably try my luck and buy some blindbox when they are for sale at AC. Have not been buying from them for a long time. It is time they earn some money from me. lol..

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tokyo Marathon 2012 100% Be@rbrick

This is pretty cool but not sure whether they are marathon runners who collect be@rbrick too. I am not one of them definitely. I simply cant run long distance. And i cant understand why people tired themsleves with all these running. All i want is have a beer in hand and chill to some nice music on a sofa. That's life and not sweating it out. Hahahh. Anyway, if ever Standard Chartered Marathon have a released of a be@rbrick for the event, i may consider toturing myself and sign up for it. (Pic: Tokyo Marathon)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Fragmentdesign WWT 400% / 1000% Be@rbrick

This actually kind of get me real excited and really want to get this be@rbrick. I have not seen a be@rbrick that i really want to get it. The last time i seen one is the Kaws Dissected be@rbrick which i have already sold off leaving only the 1000%. I wont be getting the 1000% knowing that AC will not be bringing them in. Most probably will get the 400% one if i can get it.

In fact when i first look at the pic with the furry rabbit, i am thinking 'what's up with Medicom?' but after realising that the 'rabbit costume' can be taken off to reveal the evil grin wolf under disguise. I love it. Ok, so may argue that this is not a fresh idea as Luke Cheuh have obviously done that but i feel that both are great design. This is more of a clean and cute version as compared to Luke 'bloody' version. (Source : Project 1/6)

Mark Nagata - Custom Kaiju Eyezon 1000% Be@rbrick

This is another 1000% be@rbrick custom that you will see at the World Wide Tour happening on the 3 Dec. If you are in Tokyo, be sure to go there. (Source : J.ME)

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Another cool be@rbrick releasing for the WWT (Pic: Project 1/6)

BE@RBRICK WORLD WIDE TOUR 1000% カリモク Wood Be@rbrick

Woah!!! 1000% wood be@rbrick!! Awesomeness to the max only if i have the money (Pic: Project 1/6)

Baby Milo 200% Be@rbrick

Looks like i need to catch up with the 200% release. I have yet to get the Wonder Wonder 200% be@rbrick and now there is this Baby Milo 200% that is going to release in about a week time. Actually, I don't really like the design. To me, ape and bear just dont mix that well unlike bear and mouse. (Pic Project 1/6)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Special Kuji Disney 100% & 400% BE@RBRICK

If only i have all these be@rbrick to decorate my X'mas tree. Anyone going to Japan, dont mind getting some for me?? (Pic: INSTINCTOY)

Icons “Custom Toy Show” Custom Be@rbrick

Isnt it lovely to see so many custom be@rbricks in a photo? If you want your hand on one of this from some of the amazing artists, you better be quick. They wont be there for long. That's for sure. Get them here now. As for me, i am still waiting for some cash to get in and then will definitely buy some of these awesome customs. I mean some of the price of the customs are really cheap. 200 pound get you a custom. And if you search in Ebay, some of the production peices are going for more than this price. And they ARE NOT CUSTOM but manufactured in China by some cheap labour. So as i have said earlier. Go get them NOW and support the artists!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

CHOCOOLATE 400% Be@rbrick Set

Got this CHOCOOLATE be@rbrick through a friend in HK. And will be getting it in a few weeks time. It seems that i have been sub-consciously buying be@rbricks that are in black. Maybe i should start collecting be@rbricks that are black. That will definitely save me quite a bit of money (in a way, i have not been buying much, in fact i am selling my be@rbrick)

Merry Green Christmas 2011 400% Be@rbrick

It's time of the year again and as usual, we expect Medicom to come out with the Christmas be@rbrick. This time in metallic green. I don't mind having one. Bet it will look nice next to my X'mas tree. (Pic : J.ME)

Red Death Kuma

Saw this Red Kuma here and really wanted it. This will match with my Red Death Masao perfectly. Cant wait to hear more news on this.

More Mini Custom Skelves

Here are more custom mini Skelves for sale but too bad, sold out now. You can see the Skelves are slowly evolving, have a beak in this recent release. As for me, i still prefer the original mini and the masao.
(Source : Tomenosuke )

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Late Season @ Stranger Factory

These will either make you drool or dislike. My wife hates them and i love them. Hahahah..Anyway, probably all SOLD OUT by now. Enjoy the pic.

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