Sunday, July 31, 2011


Starting up as an online store, soon Instinctoy will have it brick and motar store and what is even great is that, it is coming out with its first be@rbrick design taken from the LIQUID design. I actually quite like the packaging. Awesomenesssss...

Lunartik 1000% Custom Be@rbrick

I just slapped my own mouth. I was just saying that there isnt much custom be@rbrick in my previous post and now we see annother WIP piece of a custom be@brick by Lunartik.

Flying Förtress 1000% Custom Be@rbrick

Unlike other plstform toys like the dunny, munny or even Qee, You dont actually find much custom on be@rbrick. Not sure the main reason behind this lack of custom. I am thinking maybe it is the material of the be@rbrick, being a plastic unlike Dunny which is made of vinyl. Another reason may be that the be@rbrick that we bought are often quite expensive and that it would be a waste to have them customed. Hmmmm...Medicom should start coming out with blank be@rbrick. They are tons of artists who can do amazing customs and Flying Fortress is one of them, Check out his latest custom be@rbrick.

Tokyo Sky Tree 100% Be@rbrick

Tokyo Sky Tree, formally known as the New Tokyo Tower will be completed by end of this year. As always like all our grand opening, Medicom has come out with this lovely be@rbrick. (Photo: J.ME)

Nicky 400% Be@rbrick Collection

Love how the 400% be@rbricks are displayed. So clean and neat. Maybe this is what i need to do, build one of this on the wall to keep my be@rbricks instead of in a detolf. Anyway, this is Nicky's collection. Bet he has more but right now he is just showing these 2 photos of his. Do also check out the be@rbrick sale page, i will add some of his be@rbricks for sale on the page. And if anyone needs help to sell their be@rbricks, do write to me and i will post them here too.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

The 4th My First Baby 400% Be@rbrick

If you've been following Medicom and the way that they release toys, you would have guessed that they will be coming out with the 400% version. And you are right. As seen from the Medicom Exhibtion, indeed there is a 400% My First Baby be@rbrick. This is the fourth to come out. I was kinda feeling sad just selling the other 3 a few days ago even though i anticipate this to be released. Anyway, what really surprise me is not this 400% First Baby but the 200% First Baby be@rbrick. That is a must get for me. Will write more about in the next post. Anyway, hope the 100% come as a et with the 400% instead of being in a chase for the next series.

 my gal touching them before i sold them away
hmmm..should i touch?


Woah!!! Looks like Medicom with going with a bang with their 15th Anniversary. Tons of cool be@rbricks. Seeing all these be@rbricks really spark my interest in them again. Hmmm...I shouldnt have sold off my be@rbrick recently. Hahah..Anyway, enjoy the photos. (Photo : J.ME)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

BAPE 100% Be@rbrick

Let me first confess that this is quite a bias post. If you are a follower of this blog, you will know that i hate design on be@rbrick just using the logo. I often said that this is plain laziness of the artist/company. But for BAPE, it makes total sense. it is this iconic logo that actually put them where they are now (eventhough right now, BAPE is bought over by the HK fashion conglomerate I.T HK and obviously i can see that their target market and strategy is totally different from the NIGO days) It is the same for KAWS, his iconic 2 crosses X X may seem lack of creative on hindsight but it is this simple logo that appeals to the masses. I bet that if NIGO starts off as a street artist, he will have his BAPE figure being highly sought after in the art scene and i can easily visualize painting with the BAPE on it fetching high price and in multi colourways just like what Andy Warhol did (ok, not a really good comparison though, Andy is of a different league but you get the point right)

Anyway, hate or love BAPE, you must agree that BAPE/Nigo did path way to many other brands along the years. Ok, get to the BAPE be@rbrick, this will be given free when you spend a certain amount at the store. One thing i feel that they could have done much better is to add some colours to it instead of just plain white with the logo.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean 200% Chogokin Be@rbrick

When i first saw the photo, i didnt see the title and thought it is a 400%. Hence the late entry. Hahaha. Only now then i realise that this is a 200% be@rbrick. SInce it is a 200% and knowing that i have a complete set. It needs no guessing what i am going to do. Yeap, you are right. I will get this. It is time for me to contact AC asking them when they are getting this in. If you are in Japan, you can get this for 9240yen on 27 Aug.

Horizon Wood 400% Be@rbrick

I still remember i used to be so excited whenever i see a wood be@rbrick release as these are on of my grails. But now, i am not that excited anymore. Definitely not because that the quality drop or the design sucks. They are still so lovely. and i am still loving them but to tell me to drop 1k for a wood be@rbrick, i would rather use that money to buy a 1/1 custom piece from an artist or even an original painting. This is how i feel when Colette has the Checker wood be@rbrick for 50% sale. I was so tempted to buy it but after a night of thinking, i decided against it. Saying this, it does not mean that i would never get a wood be@rbrick. I would still get one in future if i have any spare cash to spend on them. This is selling for 62,790yen on 27 Aug.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Finally something worth waiting for. Yeap, we have mentioned this before and now we get to see the actual look now. Pretty dope. I can visualize it looks awesome standing side by side with the Colette and the Black/Silver 1000% Be@rbrick. I especially like the logo at the back. I say just go get this, you wont regret it. Will be release on the 27 Aug for 29,400yen

Kuma Be@rbrick

Not sure whether you consider them to be be@rbrick but apparently they are quite a few of these released already. Is the sale good? I dont actually see much selling at the Ebay. Anyway, two of them will be released in conjunction of the Medicom 15 Anniversary. Please make this only for the 15 Anniversary. To me, this is ugly. Just have to be frank here. What do you think?

STORMTROOPER 400% Be@rbrick

I am expecting Medicom to release the Darth Vader in 400% so it is time to build an army of these stromtrooper. Mark your calender on the 13 Aug..Hmmm, selling at a much higher price of 8190yen.

KAWS x Hennessy VS Cognac Bottle Launch Party

KAWS did a project with Hennessy to come out with this awesome Hennessy bottle. Expect lots of other goodie, i.e Tote bag, coaster?? It is time to call your local distributor to get a hand on this. No hurry though as the run size is 420,000 (Pic : Freshness)

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