Friday, October 30, 2009

Shimokita Round Up2 Be@rbrick

These are quite plain design to me. Nothing except the word at the body. Not my type definitely. If i am not wrong, this will be given out if you attend the event. I dont mind listening to some good music and have this be@rbrick though..hahah (Source : s-round up via bearbrickmania)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

more trees 400% Wooden Be@rbrick

Last year we have saw one release of the wooden be@rbrick, coming earlier next year, we would see another one of the 400% wooden be@rbrick. This is going for 78,750yen. I dont think i will ever collect finish all the wooden be@rbrick unless some windfall come along the way.(Source : more trees via bearbrickmania)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More Than Homan Be@rbrick

Care for some customize be@rbrick? You can get them now at More Than Homan. Be quick before there are all SOLD OUT. Do all these customize be@rbricks inspire you to do one of your own? What are you waiting for? Customize it yourself and send me a photo so I can post them in here. (Source : bearbrickmania)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Luke Chueh X Hello Kitty

One of my favourite artist, Luke Chueh contributions's for Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary. Tgis is definitely a cuter paint compared to his latest exhibition. More artists' contribution over here.


Kumataronosuke got this Nike Playground Design Project. Check out more photos and his collections at his blog.

Kanye West Graduation Bear Papertoy by Papermatez

Woah..i didnt know paper can be made into something so dope. (Source : Toysrevil)

Ben Davis Be@rbrick

This is set to release in December. Finally something much nicer as compared to the Rockman Be@rbrick which only has the logo on it. Get it over at Bench at the Greene at 1,575yen. Their shirts are pretty nice too. (Source : bearbrickmania)

Blues Kubrick & 1UP Be@rbrick Set

Another Rockman Set out pretty soon. Almost the same as the blue one. This costs 2,940yen. (Source : bearbrickmania)

Rockman Be@rbrick Set

Who never play Rockman before? Even someone like me who is not into gaming had played it before. And if you really have no idea what this is. Go to their official site here. (it's in jap though) This will be out pretty soon at 2,940yen (Source : bearbrickmania)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Upcoming Be@rbrick

Nothing much to look forward to in the upcoming be@rbrick except maybe the month be@rbrick. Good in a way so i can save some money. (Source : kumataronosuke)

Is there a fourth 200% Chogokin Be@rbrick?

These are the serial number for the 200% be@rbrick. Seems like there is a missing fourth version of it. What colour would it be?? I would think it will be a bronze. Make a guess. Anyway, here are the designs that we have seen so far. Really hope that Medicom will stop at 5 but i seriously doubt so. Wishful thinking on my part, hahaha

000CGKN01 - White
000CGKN02 - Black
000CGKN03 - Chrome
000CGKN04 - Unknown??
000CGKN05 - Gold

UP!! Be@rbrick Set

Another be@rbrick out from movie. Unless you are a fan of this movie, i dont think someone would get this be@rbrick. This is not a classic like the Watchman or Alice in Wonderland. You can get this preorder at Forbidden Planet too. It will be released next year Mar (hmmm..a bit too late after the show was shown this year, people would have long forgotten this, bad marketing i would say). (Source : Forbidden Planet via Bearbrick Fans)

Alice In Wonderland Be@rbrick Set: Mad Hatter & Cheshire Cat

This is rather interesting, to see my childhood favourite story in be@rbrick form...where is Alice though?? This will be out next year March and you can preorder this now at Forbidden Planet. (Source : Forbidden Planet via Bearbrick Fan)

SpongeBob SquarePants 400% Be@rbrick

This is out now at ActionCity. Looks nice pairing together with the 100%. I bet pretty soon there will be a 400% Hello Kitty Be@rbrick.

Jaws Pain Signature Edition

This is out now at the coarsetoys website. Get it before there are all sold out.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Christmas Be@rbrick 2009

Not sure if this is official but this looks really nice. I will most likely get this if this is released. This looks quite like the Tokyo Tower be@rbrick.

Updated: This is official. ActionCity is having preorder of this. Early bird price at SGD 21.90 and retail at SGD 26.90. (Source : ActionCity)

The Contemporary Fix 1000% Be@rbrick

I have ordered the 200% be@rbrick and now there is a 1000% version of this in stainless steel. It weighs a total of 13.5kg and can anyone guess how much this is going to cost. It costs a whopping 5,250,000 yen which works out to be around SGD 82k. Woah!! It worths as much as a car. Insane!! Check this out here. (Source : bearbrickmania)

7- Eleven Peter Pan Mickey Be@rbrick

This Peter Pan Mickey Be@rbrick set is out at all 7- Eleven convenience stores in Japan. You can also get it online here. 100% for 1,500 yen and 400% at 6,000 yen. I still have no idea the relationship of Peter Pan and 7 Eleven. (Source : bearbrickmania)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Minotaur Golden 100% Be@rbrick

This news is abit late. How i wish this is a 200% chogokin release...

From Hypebeast:
"Minotaur recently embarked on its Book Sellers campaign, and in doing so have looked to MEDICOM TOY to commemorate its efforts with this 100% Bearbrick. The Bearbrick features an all metallic gold body with the words MINOTAUR BOOK SELLERS on the chest with a logo on the rear. Available now at ARKKABAN."

Fumiya Thanks 100% Be@rbrick

This Be@rbrick will be out 24 Oct 09 at 1,800 yen here. I like the star eyes and that they look to me to be different in size. I think this is a release to thanks his fan?? Some info of Fumiya Fujii (Source : bearbrickmania)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Enjoi Skateboarding 100% Be@rbrick

Enjoi Skateboarding is a skateboarding company in the States. Hahah..i dont really associate this be@rbrick design with wearing suit with a deck in his hand. (Source : J.ME)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Verner Panton x Mid-Century MODERN "Curve" 100% BE@RBRICK

Who is Verner Panton? What is Mid-Century Modern? Verner Panton is actually one of the most influential interior designer in Denmark. You can read more about him here. And Mid -Century Modern is a modern lifestyle shop that sells furniture. That's where the link between them comes from. One is a furniture designer and the other is a shop that sells modern furniture. This be@rbrick comes in 2 colourway, each at 1,680 yen, out tomorrow here. (Source : bearbrickmania)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

WonderfulMan Be@rbrick 2010??

There is rumour that there will be a new release of the wonderfulman be@rbrick next year. Look up for that. I still have not got the one that was released this year. Anyone who has extra and wanna sell?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Where The Wild Things Are Kubrick and Be@rbrick Set

From Hypebeast

"Surrounding all the hoopla regarding Spike Jonze’ theatrical adaptation of “Where The Wild Things Are” has been an endless array of product releases, from apparel to jewelry and everything in between. Probably best capturing the book/films’ childhood element is this new set of Bearbricks and Kubrick from Medicom Toy. Featured is a Black “Max” Bearbrick in 400% format along with a set of the same design in a 100% scale, paired with the actual silhouette of Max in Kubrick style. Both are now available through various Medicom Toy retailers, including colette."

Saturday, October 10, 2009

超合金 200% 黄金聖闘士十二宮 Chogokin Be@rbrick

This is out online now. Go get it. One of the best 200% be@rbrick that has been released so far in my opinion. (Source : bearbrickmania)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Teaser for Be@rbrick Series 19

Here is what going to come out for Series 19. We have the ugly doll, Jummy, Star Trek and many more. (Source : bearbrickmania)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Halloween Be@rbrick 2009

Collected the halloween be@rbrick today, my first halloween be@rbrick. This looks awesome glow in the dark and i like the flocked material too.

HKG Edition Jaws Pain

Cant believe my luck, my wife registered the lottery and won the HKG Edition Jaws Pain. I still think that i will never have a chance to own a Jaws Pain except the keychain. Yeah!! Patiently waiting for it to be sent to my doorstep.


You can get this at ZOZO now at 1,680yen now. Hmmmm, will they come out with 400%. Look kinda cute with all these beams characters in 400% standing side by side. (Source : J.ME)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

BABBI Halloween Be@rbrick

As expected, this be@rbrick does come together with their chocolate at 2,800 yen. I like their packaging. Maybe i will get a chance to get it when i go Tokyo next month. Check out more photos here. (Source : bearbrickmania)

88Tees Doll Be@rbrick

I think the girls will like this cute Aloha Gal Be@rbrick in red and yellow bikini. Go to the online store now to get it. Each costs USD 16. (Source : bearbrickmania)

SDCC Paw Spectrum

For those who lives in the other side of the world, i.e Asia. This may be your final chance to get these uber limited SDCC Paw Spectrum. They are now out for auction at Pixie online store. (Source : J.ME)

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