Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dr. Romanelli Be@rbrick

2 designs coming out from Dr. Romanelli. One in both 400% and 100%, the nut-cracker and the 100%, Jack Frost. Both will be out this coming November. Come to think of it, it's going to be Christmas in less than 2 months time. This year passes really fast for me. (Source: Medicom)

Obviously not mine!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Batman 400% Be@rbrick

What is Batman without his sidekick? Anyway, this will be released next year April but seems like you can order it now. Hope Medicom come out with Robin too.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Actioncity 10th Anniversary 100% Be@rbrick

Woah!! Actioncity has its own be@rbrick now. In conjunction with their 10th anniversary (didnt know they are that old, ahahah), they are releasing this 2 piece set of 100% be@rbrick designed by the UGLY DOLL designers. This is limited to only 500 pieces and exclusive launch in Singapore. Any need me to mule this for them??

2010 Halloween 100% Be@rbrick

You can get this here now for 1890yen. Hopefully, Actioncity is bringing this in cause i want one!! Hahahah....They should come out with a 400% one just like last year.

Paul & Joe Be@rbrick

This was reported one month back and now we have more info on this. Set to release on the 26 Nov in all sizes. (Source: bearbrickmania)

:CHOCOLATE 4th Anniversary 100% Be@rbrick

Ok, this shop does not sell any chocolate. It is actually a clothing label in Hong Kong. In conjunction with their 4th anniversary, they come out with this boxset which consists of a tshirt, CD and of course the be@rbrick. This is available now at their store for HKD 459 or get the be@rbrick free for any purchase of more than HKD 1000 in a single receipt. (Source: J.ME)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tower Records Maruko Band 100% Be@rbrick

This should be the attire for all staffs working in Tower Records. Come to think of it, i really miss Tower Record. This is the place that i go to find obscure bands at Pacific Plaza. And i still remember the big Elvis at the entrance of Tower Records and not forgetting all those small little gigs at Towers. I missed those days. This will be on sale on 25 Nov. (Source: Toybeast)

And on a side note: Get well soon!!! Andy of Toysrevil. We are missing your toy update!!

Atmos 10th Anniversary Be@rbrick Set

Oh man, I love flocked. I love GID and I love star in the tummy. Hahaha...A must get?? You bet. Get it here then. (Source: bearbrickmania)

STASH x Levis Be@rbrick Set

Initially when a reader send me the link to Taiwan Yahoo Auction of this be@rbrick, i thought it was those old Levis collaboration. I must be really tired these few days. Anyway, this will be released or have it already been released in Taiwan. Buy it here now.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

KAWS 500YL Companion Bootleg

Personally i kinda believe this to be the prototype of the KAWS companion. Looks really cool. You can get it from Ebay now. Wish i have the money, dont mind one of this though.

Bart Be@rbrick Collection

Ok, not much news on be@rbrick these days or i am just too plain lazy to blog about them. hahah..Anyway, here is the collection of one of our reader and when he started collecting below.

"I started collecting toys in 2004 or 2005 and when i purchased my first 1000% Warhol kubrick, i was hooked on be@rbricks and kubricks. I had some 400% be@rs in the past, but now i only focus on 1000%'s and their matching 100% version. To bad the 100% versions are quite expensive compared to the regular be@rbricks.
The last picture i took is my small SSUR be@rs and kubrick collection. I also collect everything by SSUR, Mr. André and Jeremy Fish"

Friday, October 15, 2010

Tokidoki Wolf and Tiger Be@rbrick

I never really like cute design on be@rbrick but somehow Tokidoki designs seem to attract me. Whenever i saw a Tokidoki be@rbrick, i always think it is too kidish but i still end up getting it at the end. Most probably will get these if they come out as 400%. Anyway, i thinking of cutting down on my 400% and concentrate on the 200% be@rbricks instead. (Source: J.ME)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Eyes of Fear - Coares Bust Duo

Save the talking..Read up here. This is art not toys.

KAWS "Passing Through" Setup

FORTRESS 100% Be@rbrick

Woah, even store that is selling electrical appliances are coming out with be@rbrick to target the younger market. Brilliant marketing strategy?? Not sure about that though. These Fortress be@rbrick are out for HKD 560. The design on the be@rbrick looks like those microchip, nothing fanciful to me. (Source: J.ME)

What's in my Detolf

Rearranging my be@rbricks again. hahah

Friday, October 8, 2010

FragmentDesign 200% Be@rbrick

Hey hey, looks who join the 200% collection today. Next will be the Mickey 200% be@rbrick and hopefully the last for this year.

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