Sunday, February 1, 2009

Black Comme des Garcons Be@rbrick (CDG)

Without any news or whatsoever, Comme des Garcons (CDG) released this glow in dark (GID) be@rbrick yesterday 31Jan09 in 50%, 100% and 400%. Not sure how it looks like in the dark, should be dope i guess. It is priced 3150Yen (SGD 53) and 16590Yen (SGD 277) for the 100% and the 400% respectively. That's more expensive than the normal price of 100% and 400% but i think it is worth it because of the label. Personally, I like CDG stuffs, i.e, their clothes, accessories and everything. Junya Watanabe never disappoints with his design and creation. Look like this is going to fetch a high price in ebay. I am wondering how much Earth X is going to sell this. Picture after the jump, got it from nupchu once again for the latest info.

Update 06Feb09: For those who are living in Singapore and have spare cash, you can buy this at Earth X now. The price is not that expensive. 100% is going for around SGD 70 and 400% for SGD 290. That is the same price as the First Baby Colette Be@rbrick.

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