Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Gettry Hamburger Be@rbrick Set

One Gettry Hamburger with extra lettuce and cheese, hahah.. The Gettry be@rbrick is out for order here. Yummy, would love to get one of this to go. Looking at the pic remind me of my trip to Tokyo where i ate this super delicious avocado burger at BLACOWS at Daikanyama.


Missy Bear said...

still 'high-ing' fr my taipei brickos shopping..so here I am posting all the comments..Hope u dun mind (I guess u know the kind of excitement when you bought smthg u really like..juz can't wait to share the excitement)

saw both the 100% and 400% in Taipei...but ended only purchasing the smaller one..400% doesn't seem to be as nice..

By the way, Happy Belated New Year!

lulu_loves_be@rbrick said...

hihih..where to get so many bearbricks in taipei??

Missy Bear said...

I've got mine fr 2 diff shops:

(2) hotdog toyz

(They are located near zhongxiao dunhua metro)

Is your email beatnik21@gmail.com? If so, let me email u the exact addresses. :)

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