Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Getting sentimental about be@rbrick

I am not sure about you guys. But to me every be@rbrick has a story behind it. What i mean is not the be@rbrick design but where you get those be@rbricks, especially if they are bought in other countries when you travelled. I just sold off some of my favourite be@rbricks, i.e the Vernon Panton be@rbrick set, Franc Franc X'Mas be@rbrick and the Franc Franc Futuristic be@rbrick Set. And each has its memory. I got my Franc Franc Futuristic be@rbrick on my trip to Hong Kong at the Franc Franc shop. During that time, i dont really know much about be@rbrick. That was one of the first set that i bought. I still remember that beside the be@rbrick, i actually bought a X'mas tree over there to decorate my friend's house. That was my first time decorating a X'mas tree too!! What wonderful memory!

As for both the Vernon Panton and the Franc Franc X'mas be@rbrick, i bought them when i was in Japan last year. I still remember i was pretty disappointed that i couldnt find a lots of be@rbrick to buy in Japan. Hence was really excited when i came across this Franc Franc X'mas be@rbrick while just walking around the store. The Vernon Panton be@rbrick was bought on my last day in Japan. This too was bought through pure luck. We will just walking around when we saw Stitch Store and bought the be@rbrick there. It wasnt what i really want but when you couldnt find any be@rbrick, you will just grab any if you find one. And that's what i did!

Is there any be@rbrick that has a special value/memory/meaning for you?

ps :I am selling my 100% be@rbrick for something big coming =)


mugi said...

Love the stitch Toy at Daikanyama..
good mix of bearbricks for sale always..

lulu_loves_be@rbrick said...

yeah..bet u must have bought quite a few there

Blair said...

Sad I never made it to Stitch when I was in Tokyo last fall, but too many places to go I guess. I think a lot of my Be@rs have stories to them, my first one was bought in Singapore, got a bunch in person in Japan, have had them sent from all over the world and met a lot of great people through the process too. I am in the process of making a fairly big change that should help out the collection too!

lulu_loves_be@rbrick said...

moving to a bigger house to display all your collection?

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