Thursday, May 27, 2010

Colette First Baby Be@rbrick & Kaws Black Dissected Be@rbrick

I was really happy today. Finally completed the set of first baby be@rbrick and also got the Kaws Black Dissected be@rbrick today. All thanks to Takashi-san (he can write pretty good English, so there is no communication problem) for his great service. If you guys had read earlier, i said that i am trying out this service, i.e buying be@rbrick from Japan. It turns out really well. Now you can get all your favourite be@rbricks from Japan at a much reasonable price. Basically, he will helps you to bid for the be@rbrick you want and all you have to do is paid a commision for his service. I got these 2 from him.

Click on the image on the left "Get be@rbrick from Japan" to go to his web and tell him that it's LULU who recommends, you may even get some discount.


simonsays said...

Awesome Kaws BB...dunno when kawsone will come out the Black one...hehe

lulu_loves_be@rbrick said...

yeah!! cant wait for Kawsone so bought the 400% from japan yahoo first

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