Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mickey Mouse and Fragment 200% Be@rbrick??

From the translation taken from the list of be@rbrick that are going to be released this year, i notice two 200% be@rbrick, the mickey mouse and the fragment design. I would think that the mickey mouse will be easy to get but Fragment?? Oh man, i am going to pay a premium to get this if this is really going to be released (highly chance). Below are the list taken from Toybeast. Cant wait to see the pics of them. I am interested in getting those that i BOLD below

Be@rbrick ATMOS 10th 100% & 400%
Be@rbrick alife 100% & 400%
Be@rbrick UNKLE 100%
Be@rbrick UNKLE 100% (Clear ver.)
Be@rbrick UNKLE 400%
Be@rbrick NEXUS VII 100% 400%
Be@rbrick Speaker System radium 400%
Be@rbrick DRX SPIRIT OF 76 SOCKS 100% & 400%
Be@rbrick Levi’s STASH 100% & 400%
Be@rbrick Bakabon 400%
Be@rbrick Tokidoki TIGER
Be@rbrick Tokidoki WOLF
Be@rbrick LOVELESS w-inds 50% (3 color)
Be@rbrick kinetics columbia (Clear Blue)
Be@rbrick UNDEFEATED 2010
Be@rbrick Uglydolls 2pc Set
Be@rbrick Hutch the Honey Bee
Be@rbrick Tokyo Tower
Be@rbrick Pink Ribbon
Be@rbrick RIVIERA
Be@rbrick play set products Lucha 2pc
HYSTERIC GLAMOUR 4 Color (Silver, Pink, Green, Orange)
Be@rbrick PEACE PROJECT 50% 2010
T9G (Black & White) (1/6 Exclusive)
Be@rbrick Gloomy ver 2.0
Be@rbrick Chibi Maruku Chan
Be@rbrick Tomozou
Be@rbrick Miyabi
Be@rbrick Arakawa Under the Bridge 70% Be@rbrick Nino ver. / Mayor ver.
Be@rbrick 2010 50% Santa Merrygreen 4 Color (Silver, Blue, Green, Pink)
Be@rbrick WWF Chipmunk 50%
Be@rbrick WWF Leopard 50%
TORN Vintage ver.
Be@rbrick Ironman Mark VI 400%
Be@rbrick International Love Heart Birthday 70%
Be@rbrick 200% Mickey
Be@rbrick 200% fragment design
Be@rbrick AKB48 400%
Be@rbrick Birthday 2010 70% 12 Color
Be@rbrick PEPSI NEX ZOZOTOWN 6 Color 70%
Be@rbrick Gremlins 2pc Set
Be@rbrick Peanuts (Charlie Brown)
Be@rbrick Charlie Brown 1000%
Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter (Blue jacket ver.) Kubrick & Harry White Rabbit
Be@rbrick Harry Porter 2pcs Set
My First B@BY Be@rbrick 1000%
Be@rbrick Duft Punk 1000%
C3PO & R2D2 2pc
Be@rbrick SURR 400%
Be@rbrick Levi’s 1000% (Levi’s Denim)
Be@rbrick Spongebob Squarepants 1000%
Be@rbrick CLOT Levi’s fruit 100% & 400% (4 design)
Be@rbrick REN & Stimpy 400%
Be@rbrick Darth Vader 400%
Be@rbrick NEW ERA 50% & 100%
Converse WEAPON 86 BASIC Hi
Converse WEAPON SF Hi
Be@rbrick columbia 70%
Be@rbrick Nightmare Before Christmas 2pc Set

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