Wednesday, November 24, 2010

December Be@rbrick Update

Quite a few be@rbricks coming out in the month of December. Hopefully i have some spare cash for the Mickey Mouse 200% be@rbrick and the Nexus Mickey 400% be@rbrick. Would love to get the Paul Joe if the price is good. As for the Levi's 1000% be@rbrick, i can only dream of getting. Anyway, my house is too small for another 1000%, the boxes are taking up too much space. Any why isn't the Gizmo 400% be@rbrick in flocked since the 100% is? Isn't it nicer to touch? I am sucker for flocked. Personal preference though. Fans of Barbie can now collect this Barbie be@rbrick. Too bad, i don't think it is feminie enough beside that it comes in pink. A Barbie and Ken 400% be@rbrick will be awesome. (Source : Medicom)

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