Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Green Hornet/Kato 100% Be@rbrick

Maybe this is the reason why i am not that motivated to blog about all these be@rbrick releases these day. Seems to me that Medicom is releasing this be@rbrick for the sick of just releasing something. Personally, i dont see any effort in releasing this 2 designs. Kato and Green Hornet. Hmm...maybe it is just me or it is for the hardcore fans. Anyway, lets stop all the whining. It will be out 21May for 1575 yen. (Source : Project 1/6)


Anonymous said...

Many Be@rbrick hardcore collector out there (including myself) will just buy it for the sake owning them all. whether it is an unique or effortless design. Perhaps, It is like a mission for us. It could still be "fun" for some of us, but for Medicom Toy, it is a Serious business that generate good profit! Be it an ugly design, there will still be buyer out there, especially from a group of hardcore collectors.

- G.M.

lulu_loves_be@rbrick said...


Totally agree with you but aint it better if one can see abit more effort in coming out with the design. How i wish i can be a hardcore fan and buy every be@rbrick that Medicom release. But nowadays i would rather use the money to buy toys which i see more effort and support the artists.


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