Saturday, May 14, 2011

My First Baby 15th Anniversary 1000% Be@rbrick??

Few days ago, i posted this 1000% be@rbrick that is set to release in July according to the news. However, it seems that this is actually a hoax and there isnt such design coming out. This sets me thinking. With the internet, news spread too fast that sometime we are unable to track the reliability of the source and post it immediately as we are afraid of being the last to post the latest news. A dilemma indeed. Anyway, still hope to see this get release in 400%. Also, an idea pop out of my mind too. Seems like hoax be@rbrick often turns out to be better looking/design than what Medicom is releasing. Shouldnt Medicom tap on the creativity of these individual and produce these be@rbrick. Medicom should have a yearly competition whereby the best design will have his be@rbrick released. Isnt such a great idea?

Edit : Sorry for al the confusion, my bad. This be@rbrick will indeed be released in July. Hopefully i am getting it right this time. cheers!!

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