Friday, November 25, 2011

Fragmentdesign WWT 400% / 1000% Be@rbrick

This actually kind of get me real excited and really want to get this be@rbrick. I have not seen a be@rbrick that i really want to get it. The last time i seen one is the Kaws Dissected be@rbrick which i have already sold off leaving only the 1000%. I wont be getting the 1000% knowing that AC will not be bringing them in. Most probably will get the 400% one if i can get it.

In fact when i first look at the pic with the furry rabbit, i am thinking 'what's up with Medicom?' but after realising that the 'rabbit costume' can be taken off to reveal the evil grin wolf under disguise. I love it. Ok, so may argue that this is not a fresh idea as Luke Cheuh have obviously done that but i feel that both are great design. This is more of a clean and cute version as compared to Luke 'bloody' version. (Source : Project 1/6)


Anonymous said...

Love this one got it for my girlfriend who's nickname was bunny. We broke up the next week fulfilling the prophecy and showing her wolf underneath haha.

lulu_loves_be@rbrick said...

take it easy bro!!

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