Tuesday, May 1, 2012

PORTER 400% Wood Be@rbrick

These days i have been thinking whether i should start collecting only wooden be@rbrick. The main reason is that they are not released that often. Most of the time is twice a year. I would be able to catch up. But one main reason that set me thinking is the price. More than $1000 a piece. That's a lot of money. What if i do not want them anymore, it will be really hard to sell them off. Anyway, back to the subject, this will be releases in October. Cool stuff!!

From Hypebeast:

"2012 marks the 77th anniversary of Yoshida & Co (the makers of Porter bags), and to celebrate, the heritage luggage and accessory label is going big — 400% big. They’ve enlisted the help of Japanese Karimoku craftsmen to handcraft a giant Medicom Bearbrick out of exotic Padauk wood. Naturally, the bears are being produced in exceptionally limited quantities — each, carrying two bags inspired by Yoshida’s iconic ‘Porter silhouette,’ used in the company’s classic branding campaigns. The 400% Bearbrick isn’t expected to be available for purchase until October 2012, which will leave you plenty of time to save, as it’ll set you back ¥74,000 JPY (approximately $915 USD)."

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