Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Leaning KAWS 4" Dissected Companion

I have been reading the Kidrobot Forum on the 4" Dissected Companion following their discussion on the leaning problem of the dissected part. Initially, when there was rumour that this is going to be released, everyone was so hyped out. We can see so many discussions about it in many blogs and forums. Also, you can see that they are so many sellers on Ebay selling any things related to KAWS at inflated prices. At first, i thought i can score this but after finding out the price of this "holy grail", i stop and think about it. Is it really worth it to spend almost 10k on it?(i believe that it is impossible to get this at the retail price of USD 4000)And my answer is NO as i dont have that much spare cash and with so many commitment, i dont think it is right especially now that i just got married. If i have the money, i think it would be more appropriate to spend it on travelling with my wife on a honeymoon. However, some may argue that this vinyl figure will last a lifetime and you would not grown out of it, I totally agree with this and this only stands true if i can afford it. But after hearing that there is this lean of this 4" Dissected Companion, i think that i'm glad that i'm not that crazy to get this.

This lean actually surfaced when Nigo posted his Dissected in his blog. And with others who received the 4" and have the same issue. So what is really the issue of this lean? The issue here is how can . What's wrong with the QC? Did they check the vinyl first before they are released to the public or is it that the company didnt even care cause KAWS is so hype now and everything related to KAWS will sell? Even if all this is true, have they ever think about us, collectors who spent so much money on it? i'm not talking about 60 bucks here but freaking 6k or even more. We collectors spend so much supporting artists and i think it is right for them to at least produce vinly without any defects. This is the least they could do. Ok, maybe artists do not have the control over the products since it is the toy company that is producing it. But i strongly believe that if an artist really cares for the collectors, they would do something about it instead of nothing. That's why i'm impressed with MindStyle. They have their own QC team in China to make sure that the end product is in excellent shape. Kudos to MindStyle for their effort. They will defintely goes a long way.

Now, it is time for us, collector to think about it. Should we blindly support artist who come out with vinyl of low quality and just out to make money or should we start to support company who really make an effort to produce and excellent product each time? I would definitely goes for the latter.

Below are the photos posted by forummer. All lean except one which is the one standing in front of OF store in Tokyo.


simonsays said...

WoW...that's some low QC on the 4 ft. and for paying that kind of obscene money, definitely not going well for the maker. but funny thing is , is there such problem for the first 3 4ft companions???

lulu_loves_be@rbrick said...

From what i read in the forum,it seems that they do but not that bad as compared to this. The previous 3 are still acceptable.

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