Saturday, July 2, 2011

400% Be@rbricks for SALE

If you have read my blog earlier, i posted that i will be posting all my 400% be@rbricks for sale. Here you go. Send me an email or post at the comment if you see anything interesting. For overseas buyer, you can check the rate here. Please note all the prices below does not include shipping and 4% paypal fee. All these come with original box. Free Colette First Baby keychain be@rbrick for the 1st who spends more than SGD 300.

Atmos GID, comes with 100% (SGD 175) (SOLD)

Complete My First Baby Set (SGD 600) (SOLD)


Halloween GID, comes with 100% (SGD 150) (SOLD)

Atmos 10th Anniversary, comes with 100% (SGD 180) (SOLD)

SBTG, comes with 100% (SGD 150)

Kim Songhe, comes with 100% (SGD 160)

Barbell (SGD 70) (SOLD)


Complete KAWS Dissected (SGD 600) (SOLD)

Kennyworks Copperhead (SGD 170) (SOLD)

Matzu, comes with 100% (SGD 180) SOLD

Tokidoki LA Robber (SGD 130) (SOLD)

Tokidoki Tiger, comes with 100% (SGD 150) (SOLD)

Nexus Mickey (SGD 150) (SOLD)

Daft Punk Set (SGD 250) (SOLD)

Surrender, comes with 100% (SGD 180)

CLOT Silk (SGD 150) (SOLD)

Sex Pistol (SGD 130) (SOLD)

Staple Design, comes with 100% (SGD 150)

Be@rbrick Series 6 (Set of 7) SGD 40 (SOLD)

Be@rbrick Series 13 (Set of 7) SGD 40 (SOLD)

 Isetan Modern Pets 400% & 100% Set - SGD79

Isetan Genevieve Gauckler 400% & 100% Set - SGD79 (SOLD)

Isetan 400% Strompline - SGD70 (SOLD)

Be@rbrick Series 14 (Set of 7) SGD 40 (SOLD)

Watchman Set (100% and 400%) SGD 190 (SOLD)

Series 5 (set of 7) - SGD 40 (SOLD)


Missy Bear said...

awww....why are u selling u 'babies'..making spaces for that skull like toy...? :P

lulu_loves_be@rbrick said...

Ya, in a way. Anyway, I'm just putting them for sale, not urgent to sell them off though. =)

Anonymous said... the baby set still available for sale?

lulu_loves_be@rbrick said...

Yes, it is still available.

mynnDAWG said...

hi, the Clot and Surrender still available? u do postage to KL?

thanks in advance :)

lulu_loves_be@rbrick said...

Hi, clot and surrender still available. And I can ship to KL. Btw, isn't it easy to get the clot at juice KL?

aidairadiaismail said...

hye you,
how much ur babies?

lulu_loves_be@rbrick said...

Hi Aida,

U mean first baby? They are sold already. Cheers

pinkiestarlet said...

Hi, are the following still available?

1) Isetan Modern Pets 400% & 100% Set - SGD79
2) Isetan 400% Strompline - SGD70

I'm in Singapore too, do you do pickups?

lulu_loves_be@rbrick said...

Yes, they are still available. Can you send me through email instead so I can direct you to the seller?

alibanana said...

Hi, do you have any international love heart bearbricks that you wanna let go?

lulu_loves_be@rbrick said...

sorry, dun have that

Anonymous said...

hi do you still have the set of daft punk!

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