Saturday, September 19, 2009

Loopwheeler Be@rbrick Set

Actioncity has this as preorder but i didnt get it. I preorder the First Baby Be@rbrick and the Haloween Be@rbrick instead. I would have bought it if the preorders are not on the same period. Anyway, below taken for Hypebeast.

"Launching next Sunday, September 26th, will be the latest project between Medicom Toy and fleece specialists Loopwheeler. Amongst the chosen items are a set of Bearbricks, available in 100%, 400%, and 1000% scales, matched up perfectly with zip-down hoody designs on three different color blocks. The hoodies feature a variety of different graphic icons, paying tribute to the brand’s 10th Anniversary, with both sleeves receiving hits as well as the hood and a crest on the left chest area."

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