Tuesday, September 29, 2009

LOVE-B Web by Jubi

This site is awesome. I think it has all the releases of the be@rbrick and their release date. Below is an intro of the web owner.

"JUBI (Taiwan) A graphic designer who is a pc game art desiner, aslo a toy designer and collector. LOVE-B is a website about BE@RBRICK, it records the sales time and basic information, and draws each BE@RBRICK by dot-matrix art.

I started to collect BE@RBRICK since year 2002. In the beginning,
I found the limited silver version BE@RBRICK for HMV in a Hong Kong auction website.
It has a smiling face, and it enchanted me. Perhaps it also cured my sorrow.
That’s why I collect it crazily. Till now, I have about 1200 pcs 100% size of BE@RBRICK. (July 13, 2009)

It even almost made me try to give up collecting BE@RBRICK due to it’s money costly and consume me so much on collection.
It really brings me lot of happiness; I made friends with so many guys when collect BE@RBRICK.
I started to design the toys and carve the modular because of BE@RBRICK.

In 2005, I joined the 2nd session BE@RBIRCK design competition of MEDICOM &仕立屋道場. It’s a pity that my 11 pcs artworks didn’t get any reward. But the talking in the video clip made me very happy."

You can see more of his site here . (Source : Jevi)

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