Sunday, June 12, 2011

DUNNY 2011

Dunny is another platform toy like be@rbrick which is from the States unlike be@rbrick which is from Japan. Unlike be@rbrick, the dunny designs come from real designer. They seldom or do not have brand design on the dunny. (Be@rbrick has way to much which i sometime feel they are redundant) And one more major different is that some design looks totally different from the dunny shape. Look at the 2011 designs and you can see many of them. I tend to like the design of the dunny more that be@rbrick but telling me to pay almost $15 for a pop. That is a sure "NO" for me. At least be@rbrick is still affordable. However their 8" is a little bit cheaper than 400% be@rbrick. Maybe i should start collecting them?? (Pic : J.ME)


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