Saturday, June 4, 2011

Vintage Modern Narrative Show

Arent they lovely? It is a must to check them out if you happen to be in Albuquerque, States. Or if you are like me, just enjoy the photos. More can be found at Stranger Factory. Some ask me why do i share all these with the readers. More people knows meaning that i would have lesser chance to get the toys i want in future. But i believe that good stuffs are worth sharing. And with more demand, the artists would definitely be pushed to come out with better works. So in a way, it is good for me too as i get the chance to buy even awesome stuffs. And if you are thinking of getting the below, sad to tell you, they are all SOLD OUT!!

Pink Bumble Bee Greeter Skelve
Hat-Trick Wind-Up
Patina Greeter Skelve
Purple Rocketpop Kuma Skelve
The Stranger Factor
Blue Mutation
Glow Kuma Skelve
Yellow Bubblegut
Molten Plasma Skelve

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