Sunday, June 26, 2011

Series 22 Secret

First of all , apologize for the lack of updates. I know Series 22 started selling 2 days ago, on Friday. And you guys must have been as curious as me wanting to find out what are the secrets in Series 22. And i think most of you guys have already seen them in our site. Anyway, i will still update them here. A total of 6 of them. Pretty small number as compared to some other series. Remember there was a Series with 10 secrets. Losing out on quantity of secrets, this Series win by the quality of the secret. Do i really mean it? Let's see.

As i have mentioned, there are 6 of them. And i must admit that i am surprised to see BAPE and Boy London in it. Boy London is a total surprise. Am wondering, do people still buy Boy London? This brand was quite hype during my tennage years. I still remember owning one of their watches. As for BAPE, with the bought over by HK fashion consortium, i think they need to aggressively market their brand hence this may be one of the reason they are appearing in almost anywhere you can find and any collaborations.

As for the other 4 designs, the 15th anniversary Medicom design is quite expected. But UNO as a secret?? This is kinda LAME to me. And you know what, this is also the easiest secret to get. It appears in almost every box of 24. The other 2, Happy Socks and the Hanakuma was kinda cool. So there you have it, all 6 of them. Are they worth chasing? Hmm...maybe some to me but definitely not all. Medicom, you need to up your bar!! (Pic : Toybeast, INSTINCTOY)

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