Tuesday, July 26, 2011

BAPE 100% Be@rbrick

Let me first confess that this is quite a bias post. If you are a follower of this blog, you will know that i hate design on be@rbrick just using the logo. I often said that this is plain laziness of the artist/company. But for BAPE, it makes total sense. it is this iconic logo that actually put them where they are now (eventhough right now, BAPE is bought over by the HK fashion conglomerate I.T HK and obviously i can see that their target market and strategy is totally different from the NIGO days) It is the same for KAWS, his iconic 2 crosses X X may seem lack of creative on hindsight but it is this simple logo that appeals to the masses. I bet that if NIGO starts off as a street artist, he will have his BAPE figure being highly sought after in the art scene and i can easily visualize painting with the BAPE on it fetching high price and in multi colourways just like what Andy Warhol did (ok, not a really good comparison though, Andy is of a different league but you get the point right)

Anyway, hate or love BAPE, you must agree that BAPE/Nigo did path way to many other brands along the years. Ok, get to the BAPE be@rbrick, this will be given free when you spend a certain amount at the store. One thing i feel that they could have done much better is to add some colours to it instead of just plain white with the logo.

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