Saturday, July 30, 2011

The 4th My First Baby 400% Be@rbrick

If you've been following Medicom and the way that they release toys, you would have guessed that they will be coming out with the 400% version. And you are right. As seen from the Medicom Exhibtion, indeed there is a 400% My First Baby be@rbrick. This is the fourth to come out. I was kinda feeling sad just selling the other 3 a few days ago even though i anticipate this to be released. Anyway, what really surprise me is not this 400% First Baby but the 200% First Baby be@rbrick. That is a must get for me. Will write more about in the next post. Anyway, hope the 100% come as a et with the 400% instead of being in a chase for the next series.

 my gal touching them before i sold them away
hmmm..should i touch?

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